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Hello!  I'm a Chiropractic Assistant at Mid America Spine and Rehab. 

Allow me to suggest several reasons for choosing us: 

  • Location: At the intersection of I-270 and Manchester in Des Peres Square, we are only minutes away from just about anywhere in the Greater St. Louis Metro area.
  • Professional Practitioners: Our Doctors are experienced in educating our patients and helping them to lead a more healthy lifestyle.  We are highly trained and equipped to provide the services you need for optimal health.
  • A Warm, Stress-Free Environment: Each of our staff of trained professionals goes the extra mile to demonstrate a sincere, caring attitude.  We are always ready to assist you, whether it be questions about your treatment, insurance coverages, or resources.
  • Personalized Regimens:  Because your individual health issues require specific therapies/treatments, we are able to recommend a tailor-made program of treatment that's right to help you to achieve your unique health goals.
  • Insurance:  Mid America Spine & Rehab is set up to accept coverage for your treatment from most major insurance companies and health care plans, including Medicare.  Best of all, we take care of the paperwork for you.  Sheryl Adams is our insurance specialist, and she will be happy to assist you with your insurance benefits. Cheryl12chord.jpg
  • Multiple Therapies:  We offer a variety of services, including Spinal Manipulation and Massage, Physical Therapy, X-Ray analysis, Ice/Heat, Electronic Stimulation, (E-Stim) Ultrasound and Acupuncture, among others.
  • Patient Satisfaction: The patients we serve appreciate being treated with compassion, dignity, and respect.  We have a very high referral rate from satisfied patients, who are eager to tell their friends and relatives about us.
  • Our Pledge:  You can count on the friendly staff and trained Professionals of Mid America Spine & Rehab to provide you with the prompt and personal attention you expect from a provider of quality health services.  

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